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RED (Rapid Enterprise Development) workshops

Enterprise for all

We increasing live in a time where being enterprising is seen as an aspiration for all. It is a means of achieving self fulfilment and of maximising our contribution to the society we live in. But do we really think everyone should have the opportunity to bring out their enterprising streak, to grow their own business idea, to take control of their own economic destiny and thus their life?

For us the answer is yes. That is why we have created a process that makes being enterprising an option for all; a process that was developed to work with people with disabilities and learning difficulties with their existing support and training providers.


The basis of our approach to job-creation is the RED (Rapid Enterprise Development) workshop developed with the support of the Learning & Skills Council These fully accessible workshops are delivered around specific ‘enterprise tables’. They use a range of interactive sessions and role play to work out the basics of a business idea, from marketing to finance, and the viability of the idea. We call it training for real. Participants and their support workers finish the two day session with the confidence and the basics of a business plan to work on.

Micro Memos

The RED Workshops are under-pinned by micromemos, a ‘shared open resource’ website. Here disabled people, colleges, training providers, charities and other organisations can not only find out about the world of micro enterprise, they can also find 100s of business plans, other resources and join a vibrant community of people sharing the journey of creating a business.

Individual Budgets

The growth in Individual Budgets has the capacity to totally transform social care services. At RED we believe it can also be harnessed to transform social enterprise and the lives of disabled people.

We have developed an innovative programme that uses individual budgets to pay for an Enterprise Support Worker to help build their business (and provide their personal support). Income generated can pay for more hours of support which in turn can generate further income. It is a virtuous circle

Application of RED-Hot

The RED-Hot Process can be used as part of an overall service modernisation, an innovative way for colleges to work with disabled people or economic regeneration. We can tailor it to your needs and of course we can more generally help develop social enterprises, micro enterprise development or look at the feasibility of doing so. And because the RED workshops are accredited with the OCN, we can bring a level of funding to the table.

RED works

RED is a new process, but it has already shown it works. Participants from Tyne & Metropolitan College have set up a number of enterprises including hiring out games consoles to youth clubs and production of greeting cards.


For more information on all of our products, and financing arrangements please:

  • E-mail or
  • Call Guy Turnbull on +44 7958 356 990 or Carol Bell on +44 797 443 1738
  • See our RED workshop in action at