Social economy transnational workplan

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Social economy transnational workplan


See also Social economy learning network ideas, SE learning network themes


Update 16 July 2009

The network launches the search for experts to carry out the baseline study.

Update 13 December 2008

Informal interest in participating from Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal emerged at the Powering a New Future conference in Lisbon.

Update 28 November 2008

The proposal has been submmitted based on the 5 work areas listed below.

The network is led by Poland with Flanders co-chairing and the Czech Republic, Lombardia and Sweden leading work areas. England and Finland are also network members. If the bid is successful, work is expected to start in April 2009.

Update 13 November 2008

Representatives of participating ESF Managing Authorities met in Brussels to review the draft workplan and discuss the finalisation of the bid, to be completed by 28 November. A new country showed interest: France.

Update 15 October 2008

Managing Authorities met in Brussels on 15th October 2008, and agreed to prepare a proposal incorporating the following thematic activities:

Different managing authorities have volunteered to lead on each of these themes, and are now preparing work plans in these areas, to be drafted by the end of October.

The following authorities have shown interest in being involved in the network: Czech Republic, England (UK), Finland, Flanders (BE), Lombardia (IT), Poland, Sweden

Several other authorities may also join.

The next meeting will be on 13th November

Situation in July 2008

In response to the Commission’s call for proposals for Learning for Change [1], several ESF Managing Authorities plan to bid for support for a social economy transnational network.

As at 25 July 2008, the configuration under discussion is as follows:

Areas of work

  • 1. Social reporting / social auditing / SROI: develop a European instrument for use both ex ante and ongoing, to assess potential value of social economy interventions
  • 2. State aid / price-setting / entrepreneurial models & new markets
  • 3. Public procurement, both direct and indirect (through sub-contracting and taking sections of markets)
  • 4. Financial instruments: getting money where it is needed and accessible simply
  • 5. Social franchising
  • 6. Public-social-private partnerships and SSGIs
  • 7. Human resources: (1) managerial; (2) workforce: how to move clients into mainstream economy
  • 8. Social firms quality standard

Activities foreseen

  • peer reviews
  • study visits
  • expert work
  • exchange of good practice
  • setting up of networks
  • events (for 20-30 people - possibility of larger events with separate funding]
  • publications (e.g. guidance for local authorities) – but no own web platform



  • 1-2 Sep: meeting in Brussels re COPIE2 bid
  • 15 Oct 08 (13:00 - 17:00) meeting for interested managing authorities in Brussels, hosted by Flemish MA in Ellipse Building
  • 28 Nov: deadline for submission

See also Social economy learning network ideas