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See Commission Communication “Think Small First — A ‘Small Business Act’ for Europe”, COM(2008) 394, available at:

The "Small Business Act" for Europe is the European Commission's ambitious plan to address the needs of Europe's small and medium-sized businesses. It is a major step to make Europe more entrepreneurial and help its businesses thrive as it improves framework conditions for SMEs while taking full account of their diversity.

To elaborate this plan, the Commission worked in close cooperation with all the stakeholders, SMEs representatives, Member States, regional and local authorities and SMEs. The "Small Business Act" for Europe is the result of these joint efforts.

It comprises a set of common principles to guide SME policy as well as a number of proposed actions to translate the principles into practice. It focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, anchoring the Think Small First principle in policy-making and supporting SMEs' growth. The implementation and monitoring of the "Small Business Act" will be ensured by the Commission and Member States, within the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.[[Category:]]