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ADAMS (Asociatia de Ajutor Mutual Slatina-Timis) is a Romanian NGO active in the socio-medical field, established in Slatina Timis, Romania, in 1999, due to the support of the Belgian partner organizations and of the national foundation FDAAM. Similar organizations have been founded in Focsani, Cluj, Iasi and Moldovita.

Main features of ADAMS

• Social movement for local health improvement. • Organization made of members and based on the solidarity between them. Everyone can become a member and, thereby, everyone contributes at the decision making inside the NGO. • Greatest ambition: to facilitate everyone’s access to qualitative and affordable first-line health care. It was established to assist disadvantaged people as well. • Provides accredited socio-medical services, respects the European standards of quality. • Service quality is permanently controlled by the association. • Uses local resources in a proper way (also cost effectively). • Works in full transparency. Friendly and helpful staff. • Encourages the transition to an autonomous system by empowering all stakeholders. •Defends the rights of the patient. • Maintains a balance between the costs and benefits for both patients and health providers. • Reinvests profits in social activities for its members • Collaborates with the National and Districtual Health Insurance Bodies.

ADAMS’ growing in the community

Presently, ADAMS serves directly 1850 beneficiaries and reaches other 7,000 beneficiaries while providing socio-medical services in over 10 fields. ADAM’s area of work: Slatina-Timis: Slatina, Ilova, Sadova Noua and Sadova Veche; Resita: rental service (Medioteca); Verendin (and Luncavita): new dentist practice, CLS; Golet: OLB, CLS; Bucosnita: CLS; Armenis: collaboration with existing dentist practices, CLS; Otelu Rosu: exploring the possibility of organising a rental service. The main achievements in 2010: opening of a stomatological cabinet in Verendin; set-up of a volunteer organization in Armenis, a Men Organization in Golet and a CLS in Bucosnita, Armenis, Verendin; organizing the EUROEST celebration; obtaining accreditation for providing socio-medical services; development of another renting system in Otelu Rosu; continuous investments for an even more qualitative provision of socio-medical services. For 2011, ADAMS is about to develop two projects: the Green Diabetes Phone Line and the Home Nursing project, in two areas: Resita and Caransebes-Slatina Timis-Herculane. Also, CJAS Arad is interested in making a contract to rent and sell revalidation materials with ADAMS.

ADAMS’ services offer

• Family Physician and Medical Assistant; • Professional, kind, dedicated staff; • Qualitative health care services; • Medical offices equipped with modern equipment; • Weekly consultations in medical points Ilovita and Sadova Noua; • Dentistry. Pharmacy. Recovery Room (physiotherapy). • Resolving cases of emergency, day and night. Car for urgent transportation; • ECG; ECHO; • The glucometers and passports for diabetics; • Complete laboratory analysis; • Light Therapy Bioptron; • Medioteca: rental of wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, etc.; • Eye check-ups – with the possibility to receive glasses for reading; • Collaboration with specialists: cardiologist, ophthalmologist, ENT; • Home nursing; • Vaccination campaigns; • Social Fund for urgent medical needs; • Medical examination and advice, prenatal and postnatal. Free kits for newborn care; • Prevention and health promotion: cancer, kidney problems, TBC, hepatitis, blood donation, anti-smooking, EHBO, hand hygiene, persons with disabilities, hart diseases, healthy nutrition, volunteer work, ….(reaches 2.394 inhabitants).

ADAMS membership

• Any person can benefit from what ADAMS has to offer by becoming a member of ADAMSlatina Timis. • Benefits and services are not only for sick people, but also for healthy people who are being supported to stay healthy and prevent illness. • For its members’ families, additional services are rendered with special discuounts. • In order to become member, it is necessary to fill in a membership request form and to pay a yearly contribution of 20 Lei. • The association isn’t a humanitarian organization, but a mutual help movement in the most comprehensive meaning of the word. To became a full autonomus association, this social movement must be independent in its relation to the socio-medical service providers, national or local autorities or any other groups of interests. An total independence means also a financial independence. For this reason, ADAMS asks of their members a small contribution, but makes sure this is as low as possible so that anyone can afford it. Since ADAMS reinvests all profits, the more members inscribe, the more benefits are delivered for all.

Interested in finding out more about ADAMS? Consider contacting : Ioan Suru - ADAMS general coordinator 0040 722 369 810