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Hi, I'm Toby Johnson. At the moment I do most of the maintenance of Wikipreneurship, registering users and linking and categorising articles.

The thread of my working life has woven itself around co-operatives (the fact that my birthday is on or around International Co-operative Day may be a coincidence). After working at Suma Wholefoods and co-founding Leeds Beer Co-operative, I worked for three years in the European Commission's Social Economy Unit - when it had one. During EQUAL I was the Commission's technical assistance expert for the social economy theme. Nowadays I lead the ESF Transnational Platform, run by AEIDL, which helps the Member States to learn how to improve their use of the European Social Fund.

I'm a leisure-time Wikipedian, contributing on a wide variety of arcane topics like trams and gevelstenen.

Here is my blog.